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Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 12:17AM
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Variolink Veneer is an “easy clean-up” microfill resin cementation system that features a unique
“value” shade system. Available in seven light-cure (amine-free) shaded cements and try-in pastes,
the logical “value” shading sequence simplifies cement selection. The shades are based on the true
influences of the cement (i.e., the “value” or relative brightness) on the esthetics of final restoration,
rather than on the “color” of the cement. As a result, clinicians truly have the ability to manipulate
the visible effects demonstrated in the final restorations.

Variolink Veneer is indicated for the adhesive cementation of all-ceramic restorations (e.g., IPS
Empress®, IPS Empress® Esthetic, IPS ProCAD®, IPS e.max®) where light-curing is indicated.

Variolink Veneer’s reinforced microfill technology provides high wear resistance with long-lasting
polish and provides an ideal interface between ceramic/tooth structure and gingival tissue.
Its formulation is also designed for easy clean-up regardless of your preferred placement
technique – resulting in saving valuable time chairside.


Easy Clean-up

Variolink Veneer offers the clinician a fast, easy solution to cleaning up excess cement during the
adhesive bonding procedure. No more grinding or burs or tedious clean up required. Simply load the
restorations, seat and tack & wave with a dental curing light. Excess cement can be easily peeled away
prior to complete polymerization. Variolink Veneer provides the unique combination of the security
of adhesive bonding and the easy clean up of a conventional cement.

Ultimate Esthetics

Variolink Veneer offers 7 light-cure value shades to enhance the esthetics of
the final restoration. The Medium Value (MV 0) is highly translucent and has
little effect on the final restoration. The High Value (HV+1, HV+2, HV+3)
shades allow the clinician to gradually brighten or increase the value and
the Low Value shades (LV-1, LV-2, LV-3) provide a gradual “warming” effect
to the appearance of the final restoration.

This logical value shading system enables a close working relationship with
the laboratory and ensures proper shade selection by simply determining if
the restoration needs to reflect an increase or a decrease in value
(or relative brightness.)

Outstanding Physical Properties

The microfill based chemistry provides key
benefits for Variolink Veneer including lower
wear, higher translucency, smoother surface
finish at marginal interfaces and stronger bonds.

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