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    Disa Dental Studio, Inc. is a high-end two person lab (one technician only) manufacturing outstanding quality dental restorations. Our personable team is insistent upon open communication and teamwork with our clients - we are ALWAYS available to discuss/pre-plan cases with clients.

    This lab specializes in (and is known for their success with) complex cases, including implant work, neuromuscular cases and high-end aesthetic restorations. We only manufacture metal-free restorations, although we do offer metal for complex implant or bridge cases where the use of zirconia or lithium disilicate would not suffice.

    Co-owner lab technician, Bill Marais, is trained in and has extensive experience in ALL aspects of dental technology (including crown and bridge, neuromuscular dentistry, dentures, neuromuscular dentures and implant work ). Bill received his Bachelor’s Degree in Prosthetic Science in Cape Town, South Africa.

    Jenny-Lyn Marais runs the administrative side of the dental lab. Because the lab is so small and specialized, all cases are prescheduled with Jenny-Lyn. She "welcomes" every case as it arrives at Disa Dental Studio, takes care of the accounting side of the lab, and she ships off all cases (proudly keeping with the family's commitment to our Earth) in recycled boxes.

    Disa Dental Studio is located inside our home in Portland Oregon, USA. Because family is so very importnat to them and lab hours are extraordinarily long, Bill and Jenny-Lyn recently moved the Lab into their home where they could work from home and always be available for their two young daughters. And of course, Disa Dental Studio and our clients' cases are guarded 24 hours a day by our Doodle Duo Security Team comprising of Totsi and Mbali (labradoodles), with support from our new addition, adopted Gigi (miniature poodle mix).

    -Registered Dental Technician South African Dental Council
    -Bachelor's Degree in Dental Technology
    -LVI Full Mouth Waxing
    -LVI Enhanced Smile Design I
    -LVI Enhanced Smile Design II
    -LVI Master Aesthetic Technician
    -LVI Neuromuscular Technician
    -LVI Practical Occlusion in the Progressive Practice (Occlusion I)
    -LVI Mastering Neuromuscular Occlusion (Occlusion II)

    -LVI Core IV: Advanced Restorative and Occlusal Principles

    -LVI Treating Sleep Breathing Disorder
    -LVI Team Member Full Mouth Reconstruction
    -Frank Spears Occlusion ( Boston)