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    How to fabricate a custom zirconia abutment( Astra)


    The is a step for step illustration on how to fabricate a "Metal-Free" custom abutment.

    The Astra "ZirDesign 3.5/4.0" is used,but this technique can be applied with any other Zirconia Abutment on the market.

    Model fabrication

    Please note that we do not use "Pink Gingival Soft Tissue"

    Stone will give you a more accurate reading and is much easier to work with.

    Stock Abutment placed and stone trimmed to re-create the "Emergence Profile" needed to create a nutural looking Abutment

    Zirconia Abutment is coated with a shaded liner to help create a stronger bond and modify the shade of the white zirconia

    In this case we used a "ZL1 Zirliner" from Ivoclar Vivadent "Emax ZirPress" system

    Abutment is fired at manufactures specified firing program.

    Abutment is hand wax to correct proportions.

    We are trying to get as close as possible to create symmetry with #9

    This will ensure that we have even amounts of porcelain coverage on both restorations.

    This is "Very Important"

    Final shaped and contoured abutment in wax

    Abutment sprued and ready to be invested

    Investing process

    Placed in burnout oven.


    For Pressing an HT(High Translucent) ZirPress Ingot is used


     Loading of ring ready to be pressed


     Pressed unit ready to be glassbeaded out of the investment material


    Pressed Custom Abutment still on sprue base


     Finished result


     Beautiful light transmission