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    New Enamel Replacement ......IPS e.max Press Impulse Pellets

    The unique opalescence and strength of the Opal ingots allow the material to be used as an "enamel replacement". Given the opales- cence exhibited by the material, these ingots can be used for the fabri- cation of highly esthetic and minimally invasive restorations, particularly thin veneers.

    Highly esthetic high-strength restorations can already be fabricated with the IPS e.max Press lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2) ingots available in four translucency levels. The Impulse ingots give new impetus to the esthetic experience.

    The innovative IPS e.max Press lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2) enables the fabrication of accurately fitting, functionally sound and esthetically pleasing restorations with a high strength of 400 MPa. The new Impulse ingots are supplied in three Values (Value 1, 2, 3) and two Opal shades (Opal 1, 2). They are mainly used to fabricate thin veneers, veneers, table tops as well as partial and single crowns. The suitable ingot can be selected depending on the preferred fabrication technique (staining, cut-back or layering technique) and the individual patient situation at hand.

    Value ingots – various brightness values

    The Value ingots feature different brightness values: 1 is the lowest and 3 the highest. This allows optimum integration of the restoration into the intraoral situation – regardless of whether the tooth shade is to be individually adjusted in the case of a given brightness value, or whether the same brightness level is required for preparations with different shades.

    Opal ingots – lifelike opalescence effect

    The Opal ingots exhibit a decreasing opalescence and increasing brightness value from 1 to 2, similar to the IPS e.max Ceram Opal Effect materials. Due to their unique opalescence and strength, the Opal ingots can be used as an “enamel replacement” material. As a result of the opalescence inherent to the material, highly esthetic and minimally invasive restorations – thin veneers in particular – can be fabricated.


    • Lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2) with a strength of 400 MPa
    • Opal ingots for highly esthetic, minimally invasive veneers with a minimum thickness of 0.3 mm
    • Value ingots for lifelike brightness value in crowns


    • (Thin) veneers
    • Table Tops
    • Partial crowns and crowns
    • Bridges (up to 3 units)




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