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    How To Fabricate Custom Hybrid Zirconia Implant Abutments



    The new Titanium Base for custom-made zirconia abutments includes a plastic waxing sleeve that can be contoured with wax or composite and then scanned. State-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology is used to manufacture the zirconia abutments that are cemented to the titanium bases. The assembled abutment has the dual advantage of a machined titanium close-tolerance fitting surface with the implant and with the titanium retaining screw. The natural tooth colored zirconia custom abutment provides the ultimate in crown and bridge aesthetics. The Ti base is available with a color- coded plastic waxing sleeve and either an .050 Hex or Uni-Torx/Grip screw. Black uni-torx screw sold separately. Guide pins are also available to represent screw access holes for scanning






    Zirkograph 025 ECO

    This copy-milling unit, also called 'The Volksfräser', is a machine designed for the manual manufacture of crown & bridge framework made of zirconia. The Volksfräser has been conceived in such a way that, owing to its small dimensions of 59 cm length and 25 cm width, it can be ideally used as a lab bench. Contrary to the Zirkograph 025, our 5-axis milling unit, the Volksfräser is supplied in its base execution as a 4-axis milling equipment only. Nevertheless, this is not a disadvantage because works with up to 14 units can be performed. Only wide spread, implant-borne, occlusally screw-retained bridges cannot be realized since the individual implants are never placed in parallel but they diverge more or less from one another. A 5th axis is required for such special bridges. As of now this 5th axis is available for the Volksfräser as well.







    Among the dental ceramic materials available today, zirconium oxide partially stabilized with yttrium is undisputedly the substance displaying the highest flexural and tensile strength. Our material has bending strength values of over 1400 MPa, a Vickers hardness of 1250, a density in the sintered condition of 6.05 g/cm3 and a Weibull module of > 12.
    The material facilitates and enables the production of aesthetical, high-quality dental prosthesis which, in addition, stands out by perfectly fitting, by it strength and fracture resistance.
    The zirconia blocks are manufactured according to a biaxial compression moulding procedure, by which the same pressure is applied above and below, so that shrinking can be checked exactly.

    Our 14 zirconia blanks are available in 3 different heights: 16 mm, 22 mm and 30 mm.













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